Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pieces of mind


Things have been a wee bit chaotic. You know the old saying.. When it rains it pours? Well it's defiantly true. However, in my case its just a blizzardy ice storm. Things could always be worse. I could be buried alive next to Tyra Banks.. or be scratched to shreds by Clementine and then douched with alcohol.
Anyway.. I am having drama within the family..It sucks and it's heartbreaking and there is nothing on earth I can do to change things.
Also.. I got news that I am in fact the boy's booty call and the booty call is all I will ever be to the boy. That's always a picnic in the park to hear. I told this guy I liked him and his reply was "thank you" THANK YOU?? Have you gone mad? I mean thanks for being polite Mr Gratitude but you can take your graciousness and stick it right up your ass. Something like.. "I want a waffle" would have been a better thing to say.
And.. My sleazy pathetic excuse for a man ex-boyfriend propositioned me for sex. How refreshing.. seeming how the dude has a girlfriend! I wonder just how many times I was the naive girlfriend and some other chick was his booty-call. Nice. Real flippin nice. And yes!!! I said no! I kind of want to scratch him to shreds and then drench him in alcohol and then bury him alive. Kidding. Kind of.
What does that say about me!? Where this dink would actually figure the thought of me and him having sex after all that happened and while his 'simple' little..OK medium sized girlfriend is elsewhere as a rational logical possibility!?!
My face is breaking out. I look like a fifteen year old who's face had a run in with a beehive. Its embarrassing.
Actually ya know.. after typing out these little troubles I just realized how humorous they actually are.. and in all honesty.. Everything is pretty damn ok. Besides the issue with my family. If you pray, maybe put in a good word with the Big Man Upstairs for my Mother. She could use one or two.
Bet your bottom dollar..The sun will come up tomorrow.
This weekend.. I am going to turn off my phone (for at least an hour or two) take a bath, get a facial.. go to yoga and relax.


  1. What is with the menz?! I think you're right. At the very least he could've said thank you over a waffle. At I-Hop, and none of that Waffle House crap.

    The Big Man Upstairs and I are not on speaking terms right now but I will send positive thoughts and keep my fingers crossed for good things.

    Relax this weekend. Yoga and facials sound heavenly. And maybe you should go get those waffles anyway. Without the boy!

  2. You still havent given me the yoga details. Sorry to hear about the things going on.. if it makes you feel any better.. my parents were pretty mad at me for 3 weeks, and I still have no idea what I did!
    Hope things get better!