Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tender topics stuffed away in the closet

Recently, there has been coverage in the media about Gay rights. From legalizing marriages to Pride parades to Adam Lambert coming out of the closet. I'm sorry, but if this young man was ever in the closet it was made of plexi-glass and the doors were left wide open.
(Nothing new) However, one story caught my boyfriend's eye who then caught my ear leading me to think twice about it. On the sitcom, 'So you think you can dance' there were two homosexual men who did a dance as a couple. One of the judges (conveniently a Simon Cowell look-a-sound-the-same ) critiqued the song choice. Saying that particular song was more suited for a man and woman duo. Well wouldn't ya know it. The gay community was in an up-roar. You would have thought that God himself started raining down playboys.
Now let me make myself clear. I could care less if a person is Gay or not gay or if they like both. I support Gay marriage. To each his own and mind your business is how I try to live my day to day. But I do find myself getting a little agitated when a community of people make a huge fuss over the smallest issue. A SONG??? Are ya kidding? Its not like he condemned these two men to Hell. He simply gave his opinion. Which let me remind you people, he is paid to do!
After several complaints and lime lit scrutiny he had to give a public apology for this statement. Why? Just as my Boyfriend has said , It would be so nice to see a person in the spotlight say "You know what, I'm not sorry. I didn't do anything wrong." How refreshing would it be to see someone refuse and point out how ridiculously sensitive people are. In this case it was over something so non-judgemental and without any homophobic innuendo what-so-ever.
What I don't understand is why the Gay community is able to say whatever they want in regards to people who don't share their lifestyle. I have yet to hear an apology from the other side of the spectrum. Example: This last Sunday here in Salt lake City a Gay rights activist spoke out against the leaders of the LDS church. Was he urged to make a apology? No, and I am sure many people of the Mormon faith were offended.
If people don't want to be treated differently then why do they go to such lengths to behave so much differently?
Adam Lambert is phenomenally talented. Does the fact that the boy prefers a Him over a Her change that? Ummm no. It makes him no better, no worse.
You want equality? Then pick your battles my friends. Those people who push their lifestyles on others IE: religious fanatics, Government officials, ignorant people etc.. are wrong. And it is my opinion that the individuals on the other side of these tender topics can be just as much in the wrong. Perhaps people could think twice about parading around in eccentric outfits or acting outrageous in order to express your differences in sexual preference, religious beliefs, Race, what have you.
This is not just a problem with Homosexuality it presents itself in every issue on earth. Just the other day I drove passed a car with a gigantic PRO LIFE sticker on her car. Why? Your opinion is your opinion and more than likely your outfit, your bumper sticker, your hateful words, your complaints and out cries are not going to change any one elses point of view. So why bother?
If a man and a man want to get married who cares??? You think God is against it? Then think God is against it. Those two individuals will be the ones facing the big man on their judgement day so how about we leave it to him!
Respect each other. Accept each other. People come in all shapes and sizes and shades of color. Who are we to decide what the right fit is? Or the right color? Just shut up and.. live your life squared, circled, octagoned, blue, orange, chartreuse, however you'd prefer. If you don't like me or the lifestyle I am leading. Don't. Chances are I don't like you or yours. But, do we really need banners and stickers and T-shirts to broadcast our differences to the world?