Monday, November 22, 2010

Enjoy your Wings Momma.

Jennifer Allen Strand was called home by our Father, God November 21st, 2010. No longer is she in pain, she has earned her wings and is now freed from her broken body. Her Beautiful spirit is with us now as she looks down on us from Heaven. She will forever live in our hearts.
Jennifer was born April 1958 in Memphis Tennessee. She was the epitome of a beautiful Southern Bell, with her smile that lit up a room and her radiating charisma. Her and her family moved with the military and Jennifer always made friends wherever she went. Always touching people’s lives and forever holding a place in their hearts.
Jennifer had a vivacious personality, she was passionate and her laughter was contagious. She had such a fantastic sense of humor and wonderful wit about her. Jennifer had a way about her… Always knowing just what to say and a way to always make us laugh. She could find humor in all situations.
My mother had such a passion for life and the people in hers. She cared so deeply for everyone.
Jennifer loved to go camping and to take long drives up the canyons and loved to walk her Dogs and “borrow” other people’s flowers. She loved to Garden. My Mother could create the most breathtaking array of flowers. She surrounded herself in beauty as her beautiful spirit surrounded those lucky enough to have known her.
My favorite memories of my Mother were the ones spent dancing in the living room to Dwight Yoakum, Tracy Chapman, and Garth Brooks. My Mother and I would dance for hours. I remember how much fun my mother was. I remember as a child her racing down the stairs tickling me to wake up so we could make ‘eggy toast’ together. I remember all of the silly inside Jokes we shared. How my Mother could make me burst into laughter when only moments before I was in tears. I remember whenever my Mother would leave, My Meme and I would sit in front of the living room window and play a game where we would count cars and guess how many would pass before she would pull into the drive.
Sometimes, I feel like I am still counting cars. Waiting for the Mother I remember to pull into the drive and we will laugh and dance and play together again.
Jennifer is survived by the love her life, her soul mate, Bob Conley. Myself, her Daughter, Her parents Bill and Charlene Allen, Her sister Rebecca Snyder, Her Brother Bradley Allen and her two dogs whom she loved so very much, Bella and Lexi. And all of her many Friends.
Jennifer is preceded in death by her Big sister Bonnie Crawford, Her Grandparents and her Beloved dog, Katie.
We love you Jenny, Forever and a day, around the world and back again. Thank you Momma, for giving me roots and Wings. I promise you to always stay true to myself, just as you always said. I hope you know how very much I love you. And how much I miss you.
Enjoy your wings Momma.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is what I did on my day off.

I have been reading blogs lately, I have a few I am slightly addicted to. Such as, Cupcakes and Cashmere. Which is eloquently written about topics such as baking, fashion and home decor. This girl, who has amazing writing skills as well as fashion sense as high as the sky, is a master chef and has impeccable taste. She has been able to quit her job and support herself from her cute little blog alone.
No fair. No fair. I want to quit my job and make bookoos of money by writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas.
I'm a decent writer, I have a tendency to be mildly humorous and I happen to think my ideas are AWESOME. Sure, my fashion sense isn't I often make my Boyfriend roll his eyes to what I decide to put on, and I still can't make minute rice. I know! Minute Rice? WTF? Its freaking WATER and Rice. How I manage to Fu*% up water and Rice is beyond my understanding.But my culinary skills are improving. I made a tasty little supper made of pork chops in roasted red peppers and white beans and took it to my grandparents for dinner. My Grandfather who has to be the biggest food Critic on the planet said it was " exceptional" And for an entire week afterwards I was referring to myself as " Rian, Culinary Master Pants". My interior decorating skills are... so-so. I love my house and all the cute little things of me set up about it. Even the little pieces of my boyfriend that are out all make my house so, oh-so,cozily mine. With exception of the giant movie poster of Heath Ledger as the Joker. Please keep on mind, when I say Giant I for once am not at all exaggerating. This poster at one time could have been hanging in Time Square. Its ridiculous. And whats even more ridiculous is I think my Boyfriend truly believed that he would be hanging this in my front room. We compromised and its in the basement. So long as I close my eyes nice and tight when going down to do laundry I don't scream.
My Camera sucks. In fact, it doesn't even work. I use my Boyfriends but that camera sucks too. Sure, it takes photos.. but not like all the other blogs have. So maybe my blog isn't successful because I don't have a Nikon (some sort of high number)fancy smancy professional camera that makes food look scrumptious and outfits look amazing and little Nick Nacks look like they were made by Santa's elves in the North pole in perfect little ginger bread houses. Maybe someone should buy me a camera and when I make millions I'll reimburse you plus buy YOU a camera. Takers??? Although, My idea of the perfect camera is a Polaroid. I'm all about instant gratification. ( As if you couldn't have guessed, as this blog is chuck full of get rich fast without a whole lot of effort ideas) Polaroids are not all that bloggey friendly. Maybe I could have a really cute pictured fun fridge and a photo free blog?
Maybe, My blog isn't successful because I don't have a baby? These Mommy blogs seem to be the Twilight upon middle aged stay at home mothers. I can't really relate and get bored mid-blog because I fail to understand the humor behind having poo on your forehead and having a worker at Babies-R-Us point it out to you. ( Thats just disgusting) Or the turmoil behind wrestling a Diaper Genie. ( No clue what that would be like, nor do I want to) But, other ladies eat that shit up ( not the poo on the forehead, the proverbial shit) So, maybe in hopes of creating a multi million dollar blog for myself so I can sit in my Jammie's and drink Dunk N Donuts coffee while typing all the crazy things that go on inside my head day in and day out I should come up with a clever way to talk myself as well as my boyfriend into procreating. *think think think* Pause...... Longer pause.......................
No. Out of the question. That's selfish, and really would be difficult to explain to the kid when they ask why they were born " Well slugger, Mommy wanted to get rich and by telling the world of your poops, pees and pukes and post birth fiasco's she did it!" He'd probably sue me later for emotional distress. And that would terrible.
My Boyfriend is in a Band. A good band. A REALLY good band. They are releasing their EP this upcoming weekend. The venue sold out in 3 days. I am pretty certain that sooner then later he will be touring the US making millions of dollars and young girls will be swooning all over him. Just last night, as we watched the CMA awards, ( Ok, Truth be told...I watched and made him come watch when my Favorite musicians took the stage) I asked him what he plans to say when he and the other Wayne Hoskins Band Members take the stage at the VMA's to accept their award. I think I shocked him that I was actually asking. I asked because there is no doubt in my mind that its going to happen. He goofed around and said a bunch of silly things and of course I got mad because I think for some reason I should personally be made mention of. (I am a girl People! Back off! ) But it was really neat to see him actually take that moment into hope and consideration. I of course have already started dreaming up the dress I want to wear and practicing the shocked, yet graceful look on my face when they call out their name in the mirror.
Point is that... Maybe I won't make money on my writing until after my Boyfriend makes the cover of Drummers Magazine. I figure that if that 90210 Bitch, whats her name? Tori Spelling can write and actually sell a memoir. So can I. So Maybe the secret to success is the shadow of someone Else's?
OR maybe I can go to school and get my Journalism degree and actually work for some success. Naaaah that seems like WAY too much work and I really hate Math Class.
Step one is done. I have this Blog. I'm learning to cook. One day I might have a kid. I wear cute clothes. My house is decorated. GOD! Why does making money have to be so F'ing hard.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rest in Peace Sweet Meea

This week has been a rather tumultuous one. I am hoping wholeheartedly that the rest of November isn't like the first.
I lost my sweet Meea on Monday. My 8 year old Rottweiler whom I loved so dearly. Meea had a tough little life. She was diagnosed early with Hip Displacia and had to have two complete knee replacements. She was the mascot of North Ogden Animal Hospital as she probably paid for the doctors mortgage more than once. She was featured in the Local newspaper for having gone through so many surgeries and being one of first dogs with Pet insurance in Northern Utah. The veterinarian staff loved her so much, and although she had to go through so much at that office, our Meea loved to go. She would always get so excited as she jumped out of the truck and saw that she was there, never fought the doctors and would light up their days as she lit up everyday of ours.
Earlier this year she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a very aggressive type of Bone cancer. We hoped to have caught it early enough and decided to amputate her leg. She was such a trooper, and recovered so quickly and adapted to life as a tripawd with such grace and ease. Unfortunately, the cancer spread. And my sweet Meea lost her battle with cancer and earned her wings.
Her last days were spent well alongside family. She was ready to go. You could see it in her big beautiful brown eyes which lit up and reassured us all that everything would be alright.
My Neice was so precious as she said her sweet goodbye. She kneeled down beside Meea and said " Ok, Meea Listen... I am sorry about your ouwie, But when you go up to heaven and meet Jesus in his office, you tell him you were a good dog." She was.. she was the best dog.
The last day, I pulled up and she ran to my car and as I cried she kissed away my tears, and I swear its as if I heard her say " I love you Momma, I am going to be ok, I am sorry I tried so hard to fight it. But I will be with you and watch over you as I run and play with my friends in heaven." I have another rottweiler, Olive. And since all of this I just can't seem to love her enough. I hold her and never want to let her go.
Animals so easily become such a strong fixture in your family. They are just like a child. And the loss of one causes such a void in your heart. But, Its so worth the love they bring into it.
I'll miss you my sweet Meea. Everyone will. Thank you for coming into my life and all the love and smiles you brought into it.