Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well, Hello Stranger.

I know I haven't wrote in an awful long time. I really have no solid good excuse that comes to mind. I enjoy writing. Therefore, I should make time for it. I have a few minutes so I thought I would update you on what my life is all about these days. ( If anyone still reads this) I'll post it on my facebook. I figure my chances are good that at least 1 of my friends might click on my link.
I still am head over heels in love with my house.
My Job is the bomb.
I have had the BEST Summer of my life this Summer of 2010.
I have completed all but 1 of my bucket list items. OK, 3.
We went camping several times this year. I bought a tent and a sleeping bag and a lantern. All color coordinated of course. Fashion still matters in the middle of nowhere.
We went to Bozeman Montana. That was awesome. I think I'll retire in Bozeman.
We went to Las Vegas for my Boyfriends Birthday and had the time of our lives.
I turned 28 and dyed my hair a fiery unapologetic red. After the tears stopped, I think I have grown to like it.
My Boyfriend and my Father built the most beautiful deck in the world for me for my birthday. Its just perfect and I always struggle talking myself into leaving it.
I have officially learned how to cook. I made several delicious treats this summer and didn't chuck a one!
Personal Faves would be My Etote Corn on the Cob. My Gouda Monte Cristo. My Reuben. And my Pepper-lime Carne Asada sliders.
* cough - cough.. you have umm.. a little drool on your.. yeah, you got it*
We BBQ'd often, although My grill is a little 'hood rich'. The previous owners left a shiny lil' red charcoal griller just for me but forgot to leave the lid, so I channeled my inner Martha Stewart and used a Garbage pail lid. Ok, Maybe I got Mrs Bundy instead of Martha But nevertheless, The food was Delicious.
I had a roomie for awhile, That didn't work out so much.
My Boyfriend is moving in soon. I'm really excited about this. For many reasons but most of all because I am tired of checking under the bed, behind the shower curtain, in the closets and around the corners and my power bill is rather high given I sleep with lights on. Oh yeah.. and I love him and stuff.
My Boyfriends Band was Signed. I am officially a groupie.
I am seriously considering beginning to write a book. I already have the title and the cover and totally know what I will wear to my first talk show appearance. Also, I figure I'll need to find some bookcases and start garage sellin' for lots and lots of cheap books to create a prestigious study/office. And Also.. I think I'll win a Nobel Prize. Well, Perhaps the Noble Prize might be a long shot...
Anyway, That's the story for now. My television program is on.
Life is good my friends. Life.Is.So.Good.