Monday, November 30, 2009

Grunt.. Grunt..Grunt *Take yourself back to the Home Improvement days. You know, Tim Taylor.. and JTT? Mmm JTT. *drools*

Helloo is anybody out there??? I know its been quite a while since I sat down and took a second to write, I have been so busy!
Why do I feel like I am explaining myself to a Long Lost Pin pal starving in Somalia or something? The guilt overwhelmed me when I attempted to log into this lone little site and forgot my damn password.
And I said I wanted to be a writer.. Phsssh.
That's me Folks. Love it or leave it. I am infamous for becoming all gung-ho about an idea and then one day shrugging my shoulders and moving on to something else.
This time, it wasn't the case however. I no longer have the leisurely time I did before. The job I have now is AWESOME. And I earn every darn dollar I get. And I LOVE it! In fact, because of my new found success, I am going to be a proud homeowner here in a little over a month. *Proud Momma bear moment minus the momma bear*
It's true. Rian bought her very own home. With the help of her incredibly wonderful and supportive grandparents who so kindly offered to borrow her the money while she waits for Mr. Obama to sign her Tax credit check. God Bless the USA. And for that dink of an Ex-president we had for indebting our country so bad that some us get to benefit from it. On second thought.. I don't think that's kosher.. But, I can't think of any other reason this is happening so it stays. Curse me if you must.
I have already been to Home Depot and picked out the paint. And light Fixtures. And tile. And Counter tops. And also made a trip to RC Willy's where I found the sofa of my dreams. And Tai Pan Trading Company where I found decorations galore. I know that a lot of it will have to wait. . but when I get done, this house is going to be tiiight!
I am also going to buy myself a puppy dog. And as silly as it may sound, I think I may quite possibly be more excited for the puppy than anything else.
What else.. Let's see, My very Own humble abode..Check. New awesome job.. Check. Puppy dog.. Check..
So much has changed since September! It's funny How fast life takes you. And somehow, I know that this is only the beginning of it all. I can feel myself changing. It's a little bitter sweet to be honest. I feel myself growing up, apart, and away. Apart from some people whom I never thought I would see the day where our paths no longer conjoined. Away from things I never foresaw as something I would wish to give up. But alas, Here I am.
No more frivolous spending on T-shirts. No more drinking away my money on weekends. No more continuous eating out, although I am pretty damn sure the kind folks at Kirts Drive Inn and Bangkok Garden are going to miss me something terrible. . I am bound and determined to make my way through a cook book. (without getting sick or throwing the meals I make at unsuspecting victims) Its a new day and Age for Rian-Paige.
I think its gonna be really somethin great.