Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pop Stars and Goddess's

I have been intimidated to write after my last blog was brutally massacred and what was left of its tiny body was pasted to a local independent newspaper for all the world to see. RIP hopes of becoming a talented writer.
I guess I am taking it a little too personally. Forgive me. But for heavens sake nothing in that teeny tiny article had anything left after it's editing that made it mine. All my 'Rianisms' I happen to love so dearly were cut out. Damn you City Weekly. Damn you!
Lets change the subject. We could talk about what everybody else on this darn planet is talking about. Shall we? Yes. ( and yes, I answer my own questions now. It seems to be the only viable option in order to get what I want)
Michael Jackson. Tragic. Really. My heart goes out to his Children and his Family for their loss. Its been over a week now and if I hear one more MJ joke I might lose my mind. One more newscast devoted to the toxicology report results or burial sight or who gets the children I may unplug my television set. I can't even get on the Internet without some new headline in regards to this mans untimely death. I can tell you the results of the toxicology report. DRUGS. Copious upon copious amounts of them. As for his children's future.. Bless their hearts and I hope his mother gets custody. Or Janet. On second thought maybe just his mother.. we wouldn't want little Blanket enduring any wardrobe malfunctions at such a tender age.
I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the massive attention and grief this has received. Farrah Died. Ed McMahon Died and how about the hundreds or even millions of U.S. Soldiers that have died overseas for our freedom rather than our entertainment? I don't remember a newscast devoted to them or a moment of silence granted by the US congress or crowds of people at their funerals who they were fighting for in the first place. Forgive me, but it seems a little asinine to me. Has Thriller or Beat It or the sequin glove kept our streets safe, offered us the freedoms to say and live as we choose? Now had his albums reformed health care or lowered taxes or helped in finding a cure for cancer I could understand. But No. Entertainment, Inspiration, Crotch grabbing, Moon walking, survival of the 80's and a lot of gossip is really all it attributed to. All I am saying is the amount of energy, passion and respect the world is showing this man is also very much deserved to many other's as well. Rest in Peace King of Pop.
On to another subject.
I have been thinking a lot lately about religion and spirituality. As you all know I have been attending church on Sundays with my Boyfriend. I enjoy it very much. I also have been having deep conversations with my Father as well as my friends.
Last night I went to a Moon ceremony in honor of the Full Moon and the Goddess within. As I do in church I sat back and tried to remain open minded as I took it all in. With this particular experience it was hard to absorb it all in as I was shimmy and shaking along with these women in order to release the negativity from my body and balance my Chakras. We also wrote down all the things that we no longer need in our lives onto a piece of paper and released it into the fire. As I watched these women do this I saw how liberating it was for them. It was kind of neat to be able to experience it with them. Overall it was a really awesome and unique experience to be a part of. And although I don't think I got in touch with my inner 'goddess' or experienced enlightenment that night, I do think I came to a realization.
For me, my spirituality is something I would like to keep between myself and God. Something Personal I want to share with only my Family and my close friends. I don't want to bare testimony, I don't want to preach, I don't want to wear a name tag, I don't want to wear special clothing, do a sacred dance or take part in rituals. I just want to listen to beautiful music, see God's beauty all around me, take in the small miracles and blessings I have been given and aspire to better myself as a person each day of my life. I want to find God and experience God with freedom.
And for those who enjoy rituals, studies, testimonies, missions, chants, prayers, exercises, group devotionals, what have you. All power to you and to each their own. Who am I to say what's right or wrong or weird or crazy. I just know what works for me. Maybe as I get older things will change and I too will find something I choose to do to get in touch with God. Who knows what tomorrow brings. But I welcome it as I always have with an open heart and an open mind.