Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rest in Peace Sweet Meea

This week has been a rather tumultuous one. I am hoping wholeheartedly that the rest of November isn't like the first.
I lost my sweet Meea on Monday. My 8 year old Rottweiler whom I loved so dearly. Meea had a tough little life. She was diagnosed early with Hip Displacia and had to have two complete knee replacements. She was the mascot of North Ogden Animal Hospital as she probably paid for the doctors mortgage more than once. She was featured in the Local newspaper for having gone through so many surgeries and being one of first dogs with Pet insurance in Northern Utah. The veterinarian staff loved her so much, and although she had to go through so much at that office, our Meea loved to go. She would always get so excited as she jumped out of the truck and saw that she was there, never fought the doctors and would light up their days as she lit up everyday of ours.
Earlier this year she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a very aggressive type of Bone cancer. We hoped to have caught it early enough and decided to amputate her leg. She was such a trooper, and recovered so quickly and adapted to life as a tripawd with such grace and ease. Unfortunately, the cancer spread. And my sweet Meea lost her battle with cancer and earned her wings.
Her last days were spent well alongside family. She was ready to go. You could see it in her big beautiful brown eyes which lit up and reassured us all that everything would be alright.
My Neice was so precious as she said her sweet goodbye. She kneeled down beside Meea and said " Ok, Meea Listen... I am sorry about your ouwie, But when you go up to heaven and meet Jesus in his office, you tell him you were a good dog." She was.. she was the best dog.
The last day, I pulled up and she ran to my car and as I cried she kissed away my tears, and I swear its as if I heard her say " I love you Momma, I am going to be ok, I am sorry I tried so hard to fight it. But I will be with you and watch over you as I run and play with my friends in heaven." I have another rottweiler, Olive. And since all of this I just can't seem to love her enough. I hold her and never want to let her go.
Animals so easily become such a strong fixture in your family. They are just like a child. And the loss of one causes such a void in your heart. But, Its so worth the love they bring into it.
I'll miss you my sweet Meea. Everyone will. Thank you for coming into my life and all the love and smiles you brought into it.

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  1. Meea will be missed by many people. She was a good dog. Sorry to hear about her :(