Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'll entitle this.. Hope

This week..
My Mother had a heart attack. She isn't doing well. My mother and I haven't had much of a relationship since I was a little girl because of my inability to listen to lies and not voice my opinions. I can't seem to ever say or do the right thing and am not allowed to go visit her. This had been tough. But I have prayed my heart out for this to be the turning point in her life so I can go and see her and for the first time in 10 years see my Mother. The Beautiful, funny, charismatic women I remember. The one who Laughed often, danced with me to Garth Brooks in the living room, sang at the top of her lungs to dwight yoakum in the car, ran down the stairs in the morning to my bedroom tickling me until I woke up to come eat 'eggy' toast. I miss My mother.
The rest of the week I was fortunate to be in good company with friends, my family and a very cute boy. I went on a date. An actual real life date. And it was sophisticated and filled with good conversation. And that's it. It was.. fantastic.
Hopefully in time he doesn't crawl out of his skin and transform into the enormous walking bag of assholes coated in slimy lies like I have witnessed before.
But.. I am not holding my breath.
All I know is I am no longer answering the boy mentioned below's phone calls ever ever ever ever again EVER. I would much rather spend my nights alone watching Dexter, eating Cheetos in my Christmas Jammie's with Clementine than ever keep the company of a dick again. I already have an asshole. I don't need another one.
This weekend My Sister Megan is coming home from Washington for our Baby Sisters Baby shower. I can't wait to spend time with her. And I am also, of course having my weekly night out with the chicks and the dirty martini's


  1. You are entitled to hope and it sounds like good things are in store for you. Keep your head up.

  2. Dexter is the shit! And he's hot... My team!

  3. I'm sorry your mother isn't doing well. I, too, hope that this is a turning point for both of you.