Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bringing it back to the old school

Another weekend passes us by..
I spent my weekend Busy between family, friends and the what-ever-you-call-em's.
I went to Hot Yoga on Thursday.. It was excruciating.4 minutes into the class I wanted to smother my yoga teacher with my hot pink yoga mat. The woman talked more than anyone I have ever had to listen to in my whole life. 93% of what came out of the is woman's mouth was unnecessary causing me to hold my Trikonasana pose for 90 seconds instead of the usual 60. And let me let you in on a little factoid.. the Yoga poses are equally as hard to say as they are to do. There were 27 yogis in this small little studio. The chick in front of me kept rubbing her feet on the top of my hair and the dude beside me kept flinging his sweat on me. Needless to say my chi' was far from centered.
I hung out with some fun new friends, we built a camp fire and listened to Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline while taking shots of pabst blue ribbon. O yeah, We got er' done.
Friday I spent some time with Family then ventured to Salt Lake City to cash in on the plans my friend and I had for 2 months. The infamously awesome chick flick of chick flicks. However, that did not happen. I did not have my popcorn. I did not have my Chuckels. I did not have clarity of how/why/when things went wrong and He is just not that into me with a side of Jennifer and Drew who I am sure in the end wind up with wonderfully terrific good looking men leaving me hope that one day I will stumble across James Franco and have like 102 babies and live happily ever after. No. Instead I was fed the cold hard truth that people change, and they grow apart from another. I also ate a new orderve creation we came up with. I like to call them 'CheezeTwiz'
Now , if for some odd reason you are ever faced with hosting a party with a bunch of jackass's you dislike I highly recommend serving up these tasty little treats. You will thank me. Promise.
1 stalk of celery
Cheeze Wiz
Red vines
* Cut up your celery into sticks, top with cheezewhiz, garnish with a red vines. Enjoy. If the booze wasn't inducing vomit. This will.
After that little adventure I stopped by an old friend of mine's house. Now on the contrary to my previous statement, some people never change. I spent the rest of my evening watching the always exciting game of witnessing a person fish for compliments while still managing to brag himself blue. I Wonder what color the sky would be in his world? Wait.. I know, It would be a reflection of this dudes face or a copy of one of the many magazine spreads he has been in.
Saturday I spent my day Re-organizing my room after being told I was unorganized because I keep EVERYTHING. I had Birthday cards from 6 years ago. Receipts from jeans I bought 3 years ago. Lease agreements I have been out of for two years, but my last years taxes were no where to be found. Long story short. I am without any receipts, If tomorrow I woke up with amnesia I wouldn't remember my past birthday's and I had 3 heaping piles of clothes I never wear in hefty bags that I drove to the DI.
I also went Dancing with Krisi. We had an amazing time as always. We sipped on grape kamikazees instead of our usual watermelon and I think there is something to those Concord's.. They must soak up the vodka. In no time I was introducing myself as 'Petunia' And Krisi was fixing all the straight billed ball caps in the bar.
I then met up with the boy at a party and I drank beer and hennessy with thugs. But They were endearing thugs, Seeing them on the street you would keep your hands at attention in fear of one slight movement may be a gang sign which would put a cap in your ass. But actually talking with theses fella's I laughed harder than I have in ages. We rapped to Snoop dogg and Dr Dre from cassette tapes. I felt like I was in that Ice Cube film, Friday. All we needed was a low ridin coupe deville to drive us to Betos instead of my little toaster car. It would have been uncanny.
I couldn't believe that cassette tapes are still in existence. I found this hilarious. It took me back to the days of Vanilla Ice and Criss Cross wearing our overalls backwards dancing in my bedroom with the New Kids On The Block Bedding.
I had a phenomenal time as always. And now here I am in my Jammies eating a frozen pizza, sipping on juice, munching on Doritos ( Don't worry I got the baked ones) and cottage cheese and sour patch kids, skipping out on yoga to watch cable television.
Happy Sabbath.

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