Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bad Bets, Dancing with the law, and friendly fathers

Weekends should be longer.
My dinner date with my dad was fun. Just as expected I had good conversation, good food and was in Bed by 9pm.
I woke up Saturday morning and went to Hot Yoga. It felt so amazing afterwards. During, not so much. I think I sweat out 3 months worth of water and throughout the workout I kept thinking that I was going to faint to the floor before igniting on fire from the heat of the 105 degree room. Come Sunday my limbs felt as if they had been part of a torture experiment. Because you sweat so much you feel as if you lost an entire persons amount of weight.. I kept looking in the mirror to see if my flubby tummy had flattened but no, looks like I'll have to keep it up for awhile before all the twinkies and moon pies melt away.
Krisi and I went out Saturday night. 4 beers into dinner and I was already well on my way to tipsy town. Must have been the Yoga. By the time we left the bar I was in deep drunk text messaging conversations. It seemed like a good idea at the time but after re-reading the damages on Sunday morning I think I should hand my phone over for safe keeping until the alcohol has left my system.
I also tend to make high stake bets after having a few cocktails. I thought for sure the Cardinals would kill those stupid steelers. But it turns out birds choke just like my cowboys do. GREAT.
But the superbowl wasn't a total loss. We had amazingly tasty treats at my friend Laurens. I almost bursted from being to stuffed with guacamole, ribs, stuffed mushrooms,and artichoke dip. Then we danced it all off at my work party where I met the man of my dreams. Yes, my dreams! He is funny, hilarious even. He is good looking, he shares the same convictions and morals as I do, He is outgoing, did I mention how funny? He is also very married. Awesome. Real freakin Awesome. *looks up to the sky* Why not me??!!
So after we had enough of singing along to la bamba with the local 5-o's I drove over to the boy who is bad for me's house and had my fill of butterfly's and Budweiser. I met his father who sure fell for me fast. I can be quite the little ham when I want to be. He invited me up to their cabin and hunting with them in Montana. He kept saying what a good head I have on my shoulders and I would laugh at all his jokes and he would laugh at mine. Just my luck to win over the boy's family and not the boy. If I had such a good head on my shoulders I wouldn't be hanging out with your no-callin, 11pm on weekend night textin, womanizing, commitment-a-phobe, extremly good looking, cocky, no kooth, booty callin son of yours.. With all do respect.. Sir!
I had one hell of a time as always though. I am sure the next time I hear from the boy it will be late saturday night.
And thats ok, I enjoy having my weeknights to myself. I am re-doing my Ipod and putting together spectacular playlists. My new fave is my Dwight Yoakum list.. I grew up on watching my mother swoon over that cowboys " sexy knees". Yes, I said knees. I remember always looking at her thinking, who the hell adds knees to the physical attributes they find sexy? But anyway.. his songs bring back good memories and make me smile.
I hate putting music onto my Ipod. And although it's nice to have Technology, it requires alot of patience from its users. That's just another reason I am certain that God messed up. I was meant to live in the 50's. From my lack of interest in Computers, Ipods,video games,and all the other Gadgets and gizmo's a plenty.. my ideals are more fitting to that time frame and I dream in Leave it to Beaver and The Brady Bunch. I love the style back then, how woman dressed up in pretty little dresses, men still practiced that ancient thing called chivalry, families stayed together, Phrases like 'Swell' and 'golly gee' were used often, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley played at parties, Drugs hadn't began to poison our societies, good wholesome sitcoms were on the television instead of reality shows about rehab and one night stands.I betcha boys actually called and the white picket fence and happily ever afters happened more often. The world just seemed so full of hope back then. And no one spent 14 hours loading their records onto a bitesized machine. Or backing up hard drives or playing pretend guitars plugged into the T.V.
Back to the subject of weeknights.. My work schedule changed and I have to be to work at 6am so I wake up at 4am. Which leaves me little time to play anyway.
But I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday's off.
This weekend I am going to see the new film 'He is just not that into you'. I am so excited. My girlfriends and I have been awaiting it's release for 2 years. The book is like a single chicks bible. I have sections highlighted and turn back to it for clarity often. Seeming how I attract assholes like fles to shit.
Then the usual always fun night out Saturday.
Anyway, That's all for now.


  1. I think three day weekends should be the norm. While the government was changing Daylight Savings, they couldn't have thrown an extra weekday in there! Now that's what I call government waste. Who needs a stimulus package when you give us an extra day to shop, right?

    Moon pies...mmmmm....

  2. It seems to me.. that you are more filled with information on this blog then you ever are on our emails..whats up with that girly!? When is this Yoga thing happening? I am considering going to that sometime.. give me the info.. and how much it costs!