Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day.

Today is and has been one of the hardest days of the year for me.
Mothers Day.
A time to honor and celebrate your Mother.
And although today I was unable to share it with mine, I thought through memories and prayers She may be able to feel my love for her.
I have a photo in my living room of my Mother. She was about my age and she was so beautiful. That's How I have chosen to remember her... the way she was in that photo there.
My Mother, the women who could light up a room with her smile and radiating charisma. Her humor. Her Wit.
I remember as a child how much fun we would have together, dancing in the front room to Tracy Chapman, Dwight Yokam and Garth Brooks and Joan Osbourne to that song "What if God was one of us" We would dance for hours.
I remember how she would come wake me up in the mornings by crawling into bed with me and tickling me until I got up and we would make Eggy toast together.
I remember all of our little inside jokes we shared. How she could always make me laugh no matter how upset I was over trivial childhood things.
I remember when she would go out and my Grandmother and I would guess how many cars would pass by until she would pull into the drive. I would sit and count cars for hours.
Sometimes I still feel as if I am counting cars.. counting until the Mother I remember comes back and pulls into the drive and we can laugh and dance and play together again.
I miss you Momma. And love you. Forever and a day. Around the world and back again.
Happy Mothers day.

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