Monday, May 24, 2010

My Summer Bucket List

With summer just around the corner and my excitement and list of things I wish to do this year growing exponentially by the day, I thought I would prepare myself a bucket list of all the things I hope to do this summer.
I want to create a beautiful outdoor space where I can host cocktail parties with my girlfriends. I also want to learn deliciously fruity new cocktail recipes to sip on while I sit with my friends in the backyard on my own little piece of earth.
I want to master and devour as much homemade strawberry shortcake as possible.
I want to toast marshmallows and make Smores with friends as we laugh by the fireside.
I want to Barbecue. A lot.
I want to make yummy, refreshing Popsicles in fun shapes and enjoy them on my lounge chair underneath my gigantic apple tree on those hot summer days.
I want to go camping many times this year to new places we have yet to discover.
I want to take my Puppy on lots of fun adventures.
I wish to board a plane and fly away for a few days. Destination negotiable.
I want to practice Yoga once a week all summer long and learn to be present and happy in the moment of now.
I can hardly wait to get started and slip into my swimming suit and soak up the sun.

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